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Find the best people to fill restaurant positions with A1 Staffing Solutions, an employment agency for the restaurant industry in all 5 boroughs of New York City. You can leave costly ads in the paper behind and find exactly whom you need. Contact us to learn more about our employment agency.

Filling Restaurant Positions
Restaurants, do you have positions that need to be filled? Call our employment agency today to find the best employee for your empty restaurant positions. We fill all kinds of restaurant positions, including:

 • Bakers
 • Baristas
 • Bartenders
 • Busboys
 • Cashier
 • Cooks
 • Counter Workers
 • Deli Man
 • Dishwashers
 • Expediters

 • Fry Guy
 • Grill Men
 • Host/Hostess
 • Line Cooks
 • Pantry
 • Pasta Man
 • Pastry Person
 • Pizza Chefs
 • Prep Cooks
 • Porters

 • Pot Washer
 • Runners
 • Salad Person
 • Sautee Person
 • Stock Boys
 • Sushi Chef 
 • Waiters
 • Waitresses
 • Etc.

Chef, Employment Agency in Brooklyn, NY

Supplying the Staff You Require
Do you have particular qualifications for your employees? No problem! We'll find the right person for any position in just 1 hour, in most cases. Our satisfied restaurant clients include more than 3,500 establishments who are already doing business with us.

Free Service for Restaurants

Contact us at any of our New York City locations, to locate the staff
you need at our employment agency for restaurant positions.